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Business Intelligence Architecture

Business Intelligence Reporting Layer

In many ways, dashboards and scorecards represent the culmination of Business Intelligence. A dashboard or scorecard makes it easy for a majority of users to quickly find, analyze, and explore the information they need to perform their jobs on a daily basis.

Through the deployment of strategic scorecards and operational management dashboards, the management team can get a handle on how new programs, process changes, marketing initiatives, cost cutting etc have made an impact on achieving the desired targets or goals.

Data Warehouse

Data warehouses function to combine data from disparate sources into a consistent format. In addition to resolving problems by identifying conflicts and inconsistencies among unites of measure. Thanks to this integration, companies will have all the information related to their business in a unique space.
Once entered into the warehouse, data should not change or be modified. A non-volatile function restricts possible errors occurring from data manipulation.

A substantial amount of data is inserted and combined in order to analyze and determine business trends. Data is stored inside the warehouse and is easily accessible by end users; having primary access to the most recent and relevant data as well as to the historic data if desired.

Data Quality

Data Quality services have the capability to to match, clean and reject bad records across all systems. It also identifies data inconsistencies from pure data to a business rule point of view.

Data Quality & Data Cleansing provide a complete solution covering the full spectrum of data quality needs in any enterprise, delivering in terms of both performance and scalability, on a truly global scale.

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