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Business Intelligence (BI)


Success in any enterprise depends on having the best available information on time to make sound decisions. Anything less wastes opportunities, costs time and resources, and can even put the organization at risk. Finding crucial information to guide the best possible actions involves analyzing and consolidating data from several systems, whether to predict an outcome, identify a trend, or chart the best course of action through a sea of ambiguity. Companies with this type of intelligence on demand react faster and make better decisions than their competitors.

BI provides companies with an intelligence windfall benefiting all areas of the business. When you need critical information urgently, from where you get accurate data should be the last thing on your mind.

BI platform is the solution to that and it should be as simple, reliable, fast and accessible as a light switch, able to handle almost incomprehensible workloads without complexity getting in the way. BI platform must be built for longevity, with a technology foundation that sustains organization’s vision and objectives.

Why do you need Business Intelligence?

You need Business Intelligence because in a complex and fast-changing business environment you need quick and accurate information to:

•Perform tactical and strategic decisions;

•Reduce exposure to risks in decision making;

•Set and measure substantial short and long term objectives and targets;

•Measure performance against KPI’s;

•Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs;

•Improve the quality of your services or products;

•Increase company’s profitability;

•Make shareholders happy;

BI Platform

Today’s companies need more and more Business Intelligence from their operational systems across organization. Even if they are operating in the same market, offering the same services or sell the same products as their competitors, they differ on their organizational and operational structure. In fact, their business model is different.

BI platform has to reflect the business model on which a company operates.
It has to be custom built and tailored to the organization’s model and needs and cannot be bought off the shelf as a stand-alone software.

BI platform is equal to successfully implement the company’s operational Business model into IT technology, intelligently populate it's model with data from all systems and extract the Intelligence from it and present it to the business into a comprehensive visual way to support analysis, tactical and strategic decision making.

BI platform initiation requires top management leadership and support in which People (business), Processes (model) and Technologies are working closely together for a successful implementation.

The Myth of BI Tool

The "BI Tool" is like a canvas that you buy from a company named ”Picasso” and when unpacked you expect to see the “Big Picture”… but is not there.

Many software vendors are pitching companies their various software reporting solutions as BI Tools because of data manipulation and visualization capabilities delivered on various formats embedded with various technologies (i.e. internal reporting, Ms Office, Internet browsers, mobile, etc).

When it comes with what to show inside the BI Tool, this is when they hit the wall: they need the company’s BI platform from where to get data to visualize the “Big Picture” on their product.

" When executives fail to implement Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse inside their organization, technology vendors will succeed by selling their gear and licenses … it's just a bunch of gear and licenses, nothing more, nothing less. "
Gabriel Godoroja

Our Commitment

IntelPRO is eloquently working with each and every customer to develop unparalleled Business Intelligence solutions designed to their organizational model by identifying company’s business model, interaction processes between all business units and the footprints that they leaving inside their systems that we all know it as: metrics.

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