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Investment & Asset Management Services - CCMA Project

CCMA is a Middle/ Front-Office computerized operational & BI platform destined for portfolio management and risk management. The platform is used by investment managers to react when compliance guidelines are violated, the traders to validate their orders before execution in their pre-trade activity, compliance department to perform the follow up of post-trade compliance, the servicing to produce compliance reports for their clients and so on.

The Business Intelligence solution is composed of operational systems, Client Management, Constraints Management, Investments strategies by accounts and managers, creation of the Investment Terms, Risk analysis, Simulation and portfolios re-balancing, Interface with several external systems (FMC, Reuter, Bloomberg, DataStream), creation of the reports/ratios for the various categories of users as tool for analysis and decision-making aid.

Sum of high-level benefits:
•Compliance system to validate and monitor the investment guidelines;
•Investment Strategies System to create and implement the investment strategies. The system supports a large family of the investment products including Derivatives, Currencies, Fixed income, Equities, etc.
•Economic and Market Data platform to perform the research and analysis process using historical series and economic indicators;
•Order management system for FX and Derivatives to be compliant with STP objectives;
•Market data exchange platform to interfaces with third party systems such as Datastream, Bloomberg, and Reuters;
•A decisional platform including a corporate data warehouse and an OLAP platform for reporting and analysis processing. This platform is used by a large category of end-users throughout the organization;

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