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Fellow DSS Project

FellowDSS™ is an enterprise-scale suite of Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions for large Insurance carriers, both in the Property & Casualty and Life Insurance & Investments industries built around an integrated data warehouse that stores transactional data from a company’s operational support systems.

FellowDSS™ consolidates and integrates data from across the various systems of a company, and makes it easily available to users for consumption through report objects either pre-defined or in an adhoc mode. These applications were conceived to carry out multidimensional analysis, to drill down large volumes of data and to produce complex reports/ratios meeting the user's requirements.

Infrastructure accommodates insurance regulatory compliance, insurance governance, and regulatory reporting requirements of instances such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the European Union’s Solvency II Insurance Directive, and Dodd-Frank.

Sum of high-level benefits:
•Key Performance Indicator (KPI) selection
•Policies, premiums, and claims alignment;
•Insurance objects information versioning;
•Data harvesting;
•Derived values generation;

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